FAV Equipment "Rescue-T" Tool Info

Here's the story on the FAV "Rescue-T" Extractor Hex tool...

Clever Standard Inc is a US based distribution company that prides itself on offering innovative tools and multi-functioning tools.  While we might ultimately bring in your normal tools for sale, we want to focus on items that allow us to offer something unique.  Whether we are producing unique products through our Clever Standard brand, or a mix of offerings through our FAV equipment brand (products we fit our criteria & stuff we make ourselves).  

Enter the Fav "Rescue-T."  

We brought samples of this tool to the CABDA West dealer trade show in California in January 2019 to gauge interest from the market.   We already felt that this was a great tool to have, but didn't realize the amount of positive response we'd receive!    READ MORE ON THE TOOL on BIKERUMOR.com

While we are still a couple months out until we have them available (shootin for early April), we've decided to start accepting pre-orders now.    Are there other options available to extract stripped bolt heads?  Of course.  we're not inventing the wheel here.  However those tools typically take a lot longer and more of a hassle to use.   This keeps your set up clean, simple & easy to use.... saving you time and money.